Film Productions
Little Seychelles Production takes pride in the fact that we have worked alongside Disney, Hollywood, the History Channel, UK's Channel 4, as well as South Africa's SABC/KykNet. From Documentaries, to Reality Shows and Comedy series, our expertise ranges through all types of Film Production. From the biggest Hollywood series, to the smallest personal Wedding Video's, we are registered in Seychelles as a Production business for any of your filming needs. Below are some examples of our work, have a watch at the video's and read the descriptions on the right. For more information or filming specifics, please contact us on our Contact page.
In these two videos we show the basic example of a Hotel Production, giving them some content to use for their Social Media and advertising however they see fit. Paradise truly is amazing.
In these two videos we show the basic example of Yachting Charter business on the islands of Seychelles, with the ins and outs and everything in between. Also to be used for however they see fit. The ocean doesn't get bluer than this. 
In 2017, Little Seychelles hosted a production from Channel 4, England, called "High & Dry". It was a comedy series based on the Movie cast Away, starring Tom Hanks. In the comedy series "High & Dry" however, Passengers and Crew members find themselves stranded after their Airplane crash landed on a secluded beach, on an island. 
The production was 3 months preparation, and a 2 month shoot. All construction took place at the Avani Hotel, as well on the actual beach location, named Anse Major. A secluded beach, on the island of Mahe, the Capital, and the biggest island out of the 115 islands in Seychelles. 
Little Seychelles production, was the local Producers of the series, and assisted with all logistics, locations, Art Department,Networking and budgeting for "High & Dry".
In 2016, Little Seychelles hosted a production from South Africa's SABC channel, KykNet. It was a reality TV Show, based on 'Survivor". Consisting of 7 South African celebrities, partnering up with 7 Civilian consumers, the 7 teams faced hard challenges to see who will get to the treasure first. The winner of the Tropika, Island Of Treasure Seychelles challenges won One Million Rhupees. 
The Tropika Production was 2 month preperation and 6 weeks of filming. All construction took place at Cascade Cold Storage warehouse in Providence. Coral Strand Hotel and Snt. Anne Hotel, Resort & Spa hosted all employees involved. The filming locations were all the main attractions of Seychelles, including the Botanical Gardens, Victoria Market, Lillot beach, Takamaka Distillery, The Golf Course and Snt. Anne. Little Seychelles Production was the local Producers of the series.
"The Water Run On The Islands Of Seychelles" is a short awareness video for preserving the Water resources on the Islands of Seychelles, and keeping the country clean, by not littering, and being aware. It portrays that the water from the mountains are actually better and more pure, with a higher PH level than most water in the world, especially the Chlorinated water, that comes from the taps. 
This was a small free production to simply keep Seychelles clean, and keep protecting our water resources. Brought to you by Little Seychelles Production and filmed in the great Mountains of Seychelles, located at the top of the San Sussi road on the main island of Mahe, Seychelles.
Production, Filming and Editing was all done by Little Seychelles Production.
Little Seychelles presents the "Seychelles Anti-Bullying Campaign". A short video of 8 children sharing their thoughts on how they don't like it when they are being bullied by others. This was a short video made by Little Seychelles Production for a Summer Camp for kids in Seychelles. Make up was done by the kids, and the film location was the Ice Rink Arcade centre in Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles.
Production, Filming and Editing was all done by Little Seychelles Production.
Little Jerusalem, is the NGO partnered with Little Seychelles production. Little Seychelles brings you "The Dance Of The Mahanaim". Our most successful Music Video, with ratings of up to 350 000 views globally. Yaron Cherniak, a local Israeli musician, playing an instrumental piece on a very rare instrument called a Tar, with Lily Brannon, doing the Dance of the Mahanaim, in the deserts and sandy dunes located next to the Dead Sea. The idea came from the book of the Song of Songs, where the beloved dances the dance between her lover and the rest of the world, as in the dance between heaven and earth. Where eventually the "bride" comes home to Jerusalem. 
Production, Filming and Editing was all done by Little Seychelles. Costume, Makeup and Choreography by Lily Brannon
Music by Yaron Cherniak

Little Seychelles again brings you the Official Trailer for Little Jerusalem's Documentary - The Walk, In His Footsteps. The Documentary is about two South Africans who use the Israel National Trail as highway to discover the hidden treasures of Israel, finding a heart of a people, and claiming back the nation for God through walking through the entire country, step by step, 1000km, during the coldest time of the year in the desert. All the way from Lebanon to Egypt, these two South Africans take on the Snow, Rain, Heat and dry desert, experiencing the amazing hospitality and wild life of the Israeli Culture.
The Filming, Editing, and Producing was all done by Little Seychelles Production. The two part documentary "The Walk" can be ordered at
Little Seychelles brings you a simple, free and fun amateur video, sharing some of the culture and music of the amazing people of Israel, from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv to the Dead Sea, picking up a few different shots, of dances, music, fire-spinning and so on. 
Production, Editing and Filming was all done by Little Seychelles Production, partnering up with our NGO called Little Jerusalem